Roots, Roads & Rainbows
Diana Sirianni & Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg

The workshop supports artists in connecting with their inner motivation and shaping their attitude towards (their own) art and the world in a sustainable and nourishing way. The tools are our own biography and our own body as the seat of deep feelings and a storage of precious knowledge. Close contact with other participants, including through intensive practice of active listening, and input from our own political, performative and somatic practice create a framework that places the individual process in a collective context.

Roots, Roads and Rainbows dances at the intersection of counseling, embodiment practices, artistic strategies and power-critical discourse. It combines the best of empowerment workshop, self-care retreat, philosophy seminar and physical theater performance.

It brings together theoretical impulses with lots of interactive practice, opportunities for self-awareness, playfulness and dada.

We want:

- to question the art world´s power relationships and its infrastructure
- to focus on the psychophysical health of artists
- to try out strategies of emancipation without joining the individualistic self-optimization programs of many coachings.
- to critically question: How do artists internalize and reproduce certain destructive notions of success, professional self-assertion, competition, criticism and productivity? How can they support each other in dissolving these "invisible curricula" and reorienting themselves with their art?
- Through practical exercises and body-based interactions, the workshop encourages participants to reflect on their attitude towards themselves: they relate to themselves in unfamiliar ways, and this relating extends, as if by chain reaction, to their relationship with others and the world.

The workshop took place here