Collage as an Attitude
Naama Ityel & Diana Sirianni

„In collage reality is revoked.“ (Thomas Schriefers) This workshop aims to present collage’s potential extent as a dynamic, performative principle and not as a static gerne, principle or technique exclusively related to the field of visual arts. The workshop aims to present collage as a more general system of knowledge opposed to the logical and linear system: as a production of meaning based on the juxtaposition of apparently heterogeneous elements that unexpectedly reveal new perspectives on reality. The practice of collage is in the same time deconstructive and creative, since it disassembles the layers which form our understanding of the world and reassemble them in a new way. Because of its inner flexibility, collage is structurally anti-ideological and escapes every attempt of objectification. It is constantly renewable, fluid and playful. The workshop is articulated in group readings, analysis of the production of different artists and a contemporary dance practice inviting the participants to a direct, physical and emotional involvement and to experience how the body can become a space for a collage to happen.

Universität der Künste Berlin, Studium Generale, Winter Semester 2016/17
Link to the video documentation

   Video still: Diana Sirianni