Roots, Roads & Rainbows
Aesthetics of Care and Care of the Self in Art Communities

(provisional title)
Bauhaus University, Weimar
Ph.D. started in 2021

Prof. Dr. Andrea Dreyer, Bauhaus Universität (Art Education) - Theory
Prof. Mag. PhD. Elke Krasny, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Vienna (Art and Education) - Theory
Prof. Dr. Ute Schlegel-Pinkert, Universität der Künste Berlin (Theater Pedagogy) - Practice

Under the motto Art is important. Artists are more important, with the dancer Naama Ityel and the performer Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg I have developed since 2016 a workshop for artists, which has been offered in the independent art scene and at German art academies. Through impulses from body-based coaching, counceling, dance and theater improvisation, the workshop addresses the professional self-image and psychosocial health of artists. In addition to a critique of the art industry and its infrastructure, it addresses the question: How is artistic subjectivation produced? How are affects and attention organized so that artists reproduce certain ideas of success, competition, criticism and productivity? How can we as artists recognize and realign our own structure in mutual support? The workshop encourages participants to reflect on their attitude towards themselves.
My Ph.D. serves as a theoretical contextualisation of this experience and these topics.