Entfaltung Statt Gestaltung
("Unfolding Instead of Shaping")

Diana Sirianni & Jolika Sudermann van den Berg

"Give me a fixed point and I will unhinge the world." (Archimedes). The focus of this workshop is the exploration of the principle of "unfolding" as opposed to "shaping" as a guiding principle for creative processes. Inspired by somatics, unfolding is based on embodiment as a strategy of situating oneself. The workshop focuses on the experience of unfolding as a model of being-in-the-world. The ontological experience of negativity is central to this process as it conveys limitation as well as orientation. This takes place through our individual sensations and affects, as well as through the contact with others. We will ask whether and how unfolding can be integrated as a principle in our own artistic practice and in our own lives. But we will also ask about the limits of this approach: Where is the potential for conflict? How does unfolding differ from a subjectivist "poetics of authenticity"? How does it negotiate issues of structural oppression and social justice?

Akademie für Transformationsdesign, Berlin, 2022
Bauhaus Universität Weimar, 2022