Regenerative Activism
Raquel Lorenz & Diana Sirianni

When we choose to challenge oppressive structures in our society - whether through social engagement, art, care work or even just a disagreement in a conversation between friends - we can be exposed to difficult experiences and confronted with intense feelings of hopelessness, anger, sadness, shame, numbness or isolation. If we are unable to deal with these feelings, they can not only paralyze us, but also become harmful to ourselves and others. Regenerative activism is a zone of learning and action where personal and social transformations advance each other. Inspired by Black and Indigenous activist practices and the idea of "inner ecology", it aims to activate our innate emotional and physical intelligence. This introductory workshop series will present tools and methods that can support us to actively process the emotions we encounter in ourselves and in the world, while being aware of the social frameworks and power relations in which these emotions take place.

Somatische Akademie, Berlin, 2022