Machtvolle Begehren Dekonstruieren
("Deconstructing Powerful Desires")

Using body-related and interactive techniques from somatic coaching and active listening, we want to explore the repertoire of affects of (us) artists together. This repertoire makes (us) artists describable as social and political constructs that are both performatively created and reproduced. We want to observe whether, how and which repetitions, but also which shifts and interruptions of repetitions (can) take place in the performative process of creation and reproduction. In doing so, we want to focus, for example, on affects of comparison and competition, techniques of exclusivity/exclusion by means of art, the differentiation marker of success/non-success and self-criticism/criticism as an instrument of devaluation or invalidation.

Bauhaus Universität Weimar, within the seminar Postfundamentalistisch gedacht: Was ist bzw. wie wird…?, Prof. Kleine-Benne, Winter Semester 2022/23