Acrylic paint, cardboard, foil, polystyrene, foam, paper, plexiglass, silicone rubber, wood, nylon, metal | dimensions variable
Cappella Santacroce-Aldobrandini, Roma
15-24 May 2014

This work is the result of a independent research realized in Rome and in Berlin and supported by two German grants (Elsa Neumann Stipendium and Stiftung Kunstfonds). It´s a collage "expanded" in the architectonical space, similar to my recent work, but this time the sculpture relates to the space of the baroque chapel Santacroce-Aldobrandini both formally and conceptually.

Over the last few years I have been working on the topic of the disintegration and deconstruction of the image. In this project, I aim to place this tension alongside the tension that animated the baroque in its rebellion against Renaissance perfection. I am interested in the presentness of baroque: its theatricality, the mannerism of its language, and its annulment of the border between art and life. The unreal feeling of Baroque aesthetics brings to mind current phenomena such as digital virtualization, media spectaculars and even technological-scientific development.

Neubarock is a doubling: I consider my work to already own certain amounts of baroquism, and the Rome show will raise this aspect exponentially (baroque of the baroque), while also offering an homage to the visionary splendor of my home town.

Photos: Hadas Tapouchi (5-8,12-14,16,20), Antonio Cama (1-4,9-11,15,17-19)