longing for a centre

10 days
silicone, acrylic color, enamel, film, transparent line, tape, wood, cardboard, photographs
size in expansion
shown at Salon Juchman, Modehaus Specht, Arnsberg
10 - 19 august 2012

A fluxus or alternation of in and out, order and disorder, a permanent reorganization of the world is continuously ongoing in each one of us.

The conflict between dispersion and unity is the focus of my work. To visualize this dialectic I realize site-specific works where I distributes minute fragments of material all over the space.

Spreading around from an area established as a core, the fragments are set on surfaces and suspended in the air. They form fragile structures which, as long as I operate, grow organically and interact with the obstacles, the forms and the colors that happen to be in their way.

The result of this distribution is an overall diffused vibration; a visual tingling which progressively imposes itself on the ordinary space, although the border between artwork and real space remains ambiguous.