remains of former works
about 400x400 cm
graduation show, UdK Berlin
29 june - 2 july 2012

This work is made out of the overall remains which left over from my work of the last two years.

In their original function these bits were distributed in the space in order to generate the illusion of deepness or extension of the real space.
In an opposite way, in this work the bits are ordered signs of a visual alphabet; they form altogether a space kit, a dictionary of spacial units.

Though the bits aren´t just signs, but also traces: they are the traces left of disappeared imaginary worlds. In this sense they form an archive.

Index condenses and compresses these bits of double nature in a geometrically delimited area, against the entropical craft which pushes them into the space.

Because of all these features this work offers itself as a recapitulation of what I´ve done in the last years; oppositing himself to the former work, it completes it.