Video, 1 min 35 sec / 2008-09
Universität der Künste, Berlin - Raum 146
Rundgang, 17-19 July 2009

Acceleration is presented here as a video (for practical reasons of space) but following his proper nature it would be a big projection, supported by a good audio system.

The video shows two screens through which a cloudy sky with different speeds flows.
This flowing movement is achieved since the camera swings from a screen’s frame to the other, and oversteps the limit between the two screens.
The cloud’s flow is rhythmically enhanced from a sound arised from the traffic’s noise.

The video ist very short, scarcely one and half minute, and is repeated in loop.

The work was born from the obsessive question: what is an image? and from the answer: an image is a delimitation that generates a kind of “force field”.

The work was born from a linguistical, reflexive question. But it finished to skid from this level to another, a more existential one. The window in front of which the camera moves itself as trapped, becomes the image of a condition, precisely a boundary condition, of a being neither inside nor outside.

four Photo and Paper Collages / approximately 40x30 cm / 2009
Universität der Künste, Berlin - Raum 146
Rundgang, 17-19 July 2009

The collages arise from photographs realized by shooting some spaces through an opened and “disembowled” paperboard box.
These photographs have been after elaborated both ripping the printpaper away and laying some pieces upon, which were taken from similar pictures.

The destructurated and distorted boxes constitute a means to analyse the relationship between “interior” and “exterior”, between a closed and protected space and an opened and self-expanding space.
On an other level, the box is a kind of camera obscura, an enlarger of the gaze.
The question which appears in this perspective is: what is an image? how does the transition from the real space and the image’s space occur?