The exhibition consisted in two rooms, one room had been turned into the installation Caramel Escape and the other room contained six collage, dealing with photographs of the installation taken in different moments of its progressive taking form.

1. Caramel Escape
Silicone, Pigments, Acryl, Tape, Photography | 470x390x350 cm | 2011
Installation view

2. Untitled collage series, 2011
Six collage, respectively:
Photography, Tape | 28x39 cm
Photography, Tape, Paper, Color | 45x45cm
Photography, Tape, Silicone | 32x25 cm
Photography, Paper | 49x39 cm
Photography, Paper | 49x39 cm
Photography, Color, Tape, Silicone | 21x21 cm

Showed within the solo exhibition Laws of Painting – an exhibition series
§ 1 Each painting has a frame: Diana Sirianni

Espace Surplus | Linienstraße 131 | 10115 Berlin
5 November – 17 December 2011

The picture frame

To frame something. Selecting a detail, drawing a line, setting a border. Every picture is an act of positing by setting a frame. No picture without a frame. The frame keeps the world outside.

Frame is form.

The frame is the simple and essential borderline between the picture and the rest of the world, which is not in the picture. The frame makes the difference between the picture and the general realm of the visual. The frame visualizes the difference between picture and world by forming the picture. That which has no frame has no form.

A picture is a closed unit of meaning. Its territory is guarded by the frame. The frame helps to build and keep the picture together in front of the eyes. Inside the frame is the world of the picture.

(Barbara Krijanovsky)