Empyrean (“From Matter’s Largest Sphere, We Now Have Reached the Heaven of Pure Light..”)

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Gels, wood, transparent line, nails, acrylic, enamel, different kinds of tape, silicone | 2012
School of Visual Arts BFA Open Studios | New York
23rd april 2012

This work was realized in the lobby of the School of Visual Arts BFA building in New York. The title relates to the last sphere of the Tolemaic geocentric cosmology: the Empyrean was considered the highest part of the spherical heavens, and while in the ancient times it was thought to contain the pure element of fire, by early Christianity to be the abode of God and the angels.

The anthropocentrism and the idea of esthetical and ethical perfection of the universe, which reached its supreme point in the Empyrean, appears remote in our post modern world.

Through this work I wanted to reproduce the stupor connected to this far-off experience of beauty by means of re-creating a galaxy, a firmament in the rounded ceiling of the hallway, using a myriad of rests and bits suspended in the air through a transparent line.

In our world beauty seems possible only in the form of an ancient, everlasting aspiration indissoluble from irony and the awareness of the clash between this idea and reality.
The only possibe way to evoke it was for me to let it arise from dust and residual material, from clusters formed by chance and the accidental accumulation and dispersal of matter.